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Can anyone help explain the differance between the following as i have asked various people and get conflcting answers,as its to do with our new bussiness i believe.we have our carte vitales so have that cover we are now being charged from the rsi a large amount of euros a quater for social charges but its only in my name.We also pay axa for top up health insurance to cover us for everything else and all potential bills,my query is do i need to pay axa or will our carte vitale and rsi cover be enough.

Hope this explains it well enough for some help.



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Not quite sure I fully understand your situation, I don't know what RSI is in France but a Carte Vitale is a simply means of identification and payment.  Are you still being covered by an E form of any description?

You should have an paper Attestation which tells you and your O/H your level of cover and tells you who it is with.  Although you normally get a Carte Vitale when you are a full member of a Caisse for the various trades etc or the CMU Base which is for inactives, its a means of reimbursement and identification, nothing more.

As far as I am know you do not get 100% cover from any employment Caisse (others will confirm this, I hope) and therefore you should have a mutuelle for the difference and you should affiliate your O/H to your attestation if you have not already done so.

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