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[quote user="Georgie"]Does anyone know the procedure for challenging the amount of taxe fonciere being charged on their property.  If so, has anyone managed to get a reduction in the amount paid?  [/quote]

It would be interesting to know if there are ways to do this yourself or men in suits that can get the tax down both on fonciere and habitation and what it will cost?

I hate bureaucratic forms in English never mind French so always go to the tax office.

I get them to fill them out - well they send the silly things.

Because I have two houses they keep messing things up plus my land and barns are all on separate land registry thingys. It's a pain as I had to get the mayor to attest that they had mistakenly swopped numbers. Bloomin' confusing.

This week I was annoyed having been to the tax office in October to sort out a prob and get a discount as second house is empty as it is being refurbished - they said don't pay the current bill we will reissue an ammended bill.

This Monday I got a bill for 600 odd euros plus another 66 for not paying on time! Not HP sent them a snotty letter in a nice red envelope, saying I am annoyed and still awaiting my bill.

It was interesting at the tax office - they got the file out for my properties and they had every bit of bumpf going back years. Amusing was the previous owners didn't know how to use a tape measure or just couldn't do square metres as they had under declared over the years. I ammended my figure accordingly.

I can't remember if it was Foncier or Habitation but I stupidly admitted having central heating even though I have never ever used it. I heat with logs and have never used the electric central heating.

Mistake that put my tax up. I now feel like ripping the central heating out.

Do go see your tax office - they are very plush and lots of civil servants doing not much. Each time I go the last one I saw has retired. At least they fill the forms out for you.

PS no tax on Dutch barns - knock your walls out.

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