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partner  and myself contacted [...] a Mutuel

insurance here in France. The Agent [...] said they needed out Bank A/c details to provide a divi / quotation.  They now continues to notify us of payments due even though we never signed

any agreement of assurance or bank payment and confirmation that we do not want

your insurance.

We wrote to [...] (their head office) under Avis de

Reception (Receipt dated 12 jan 09) to confirm we did not want


We returned papers to again notify them that we do not want the insurance

but they refuse so far to stop their persuit of our business.
We notified our bank of the problem and not to accept any demand from them however the demand came, was debited to our A/c and then cancelled at a cost of 20 Euro.  The bank maintain they could not cancel until the transaction had been made.  

We know it was a mistake to give our bank a/c details however having made the mistake there was just no way to stop any false payment from our a/c in advance.

Is there any way to get redress apart from expensive legal work?    thanks

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There would ordinarily be no reason for an agent to insist on you providing your bank details for the purpose of preparing a devis.  Only when you had accepted such a devis would you be obliged to sign the insurance contract, provide a bank RIB and sign a prelevement (direct debit) mandate.

The insurance company would require a signed contract and mandate in order to set up an account, so it would seem that the documents forwarded to them by the agent were complete with signatures.  However, if you maintain that you never signed them .......

The company may have already realised this from your letter and the delay in responding may be due to them having to investigate the matter.  I'd be inclined to contact the insurer again and ask them to confirm that this is the case and advice them that you intend to support them by lodging a complaint with the police.  At the same time, ask them to suspend the prelevement until their enquiries have been completed.



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Thanks SD,   we never signed any mandate. our mistake to foolishly accept from the brooker that a bank a/c details were needed for a divi.   Received divi in post and lots of paperwork which kept coming so got acknowledgement from the Headquarters of the insurance to confirm that we would not be charged. Also advised bank but nothing worked and now we have been charged for cancelling insurance we never took out.   Pity we can not name the insurer and broker which has behaved so badly so that others may not fall into the same trap.  Important never give any French company your bank A/c details no matter how convincing they sound..

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