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Insurance for UK home whilst French resident


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I am becoming French resident from April 2009. My UK property will then become a second home for visits back to the UK. Is it better to insure my UK property via a French insurer as a holiday home in the UK or via a UK insurer as a UK residence whilst being French resident?  Is anyone able to recommend from experience an insurer either in France or the UK that has provided cover? The UK house will only be occupied for a few weeks each year by myself and moh only



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All the best for when you arrive in April.

Most standard insurance policies restrict the number of days a house may be unoccupied during any one year period, though there are specialist companies who give cover in these circumstances, Try searching "insuring house unoccupied in UK" and you should find a few alternatives. Our experience of claiming against French companies - see other threads on the Forum notably


is such that I wouldn't recommend them at the best of times and certainly not for a house in another country!


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