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Nationwide changes.


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I have been away from the forum for a few weks so my apologies if this has already been covered.

About 2 weeks ago on returning to my UK property there was a letter from Nationwide waiting for me announcing changes to their terms and conditions for non sterling visa charge transactions 

Like many I have a Nationwide Flex account with debit card which I use for 99% of my purchases in France, 100% if you include the money drawn on it to pay into my French account so I was intersted to see what was afoot.

The T&C's brochure says that they have always had to pay Visa a charge for non sterling transactions and from the 1st of July they would be passing it on to customers, it is currently 0.84% and will rise to 1% in July.

It goes on to say that the fee is only payable on transactions outside the Visa europe region, I am not sure if transactions in France or other Euro countries are, or will be affected.

It always did seem to good to be true [Www]


Looks OK for the time being http://nationwide.co.uk/current_account/foreigntransactions.htm

No charges either if you holiday in Dom-Tom's or outre mer.

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[quote user="Baz"]

Yes. this has been discussed a few weeks ago. There are no changes in France or Europe.



I am one of the Nationwide debit card users and I duly received that letter a few weeks ago. Maybe I should read it again, as it seemed very clear that as from June 1st, the 1% transaction fee was applicable here in France, for cash drawn in euros, from my UK account.

Have I got that wrong???? Did I misunderstand the letter?

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