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I have some NW e-bonds about to mature, and am trying to decide whether to re-invest in the UK, or to bring the cash over to France and re-invest here.  I can find savings rates for the UK reasonably easily, but I'm not doing too well for France, without looking at each bank in turn, and even that doesn't always give me a figure.

Can anybody point me to a good source?

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Thanks, and apologies for the delay in replying.  Lost files and birds in chimneys have not helped .....

I knew of this thread (I posted on it) and unfortunately it doesn't go in quite the way I'd have liked, but I've had to make a decision as some matured yesterday - that took time to do too!  I've decided to keep the current lot mainly in the UK, and do some more research in time for the next lot which matures next month, meanwhile hoping that the exchange and interest rates (both French and England) might improve!

But in the process I have found one of the Nationwide's e-savings account which pays nearly as much as the bonds I have been using, without necessarily tying the money up for as long, so that is a strong contender for the flexibility I want but with an acceptable interest rate.

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