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When we bought our French house we were advised to use the local branch of Credit Agricole as the chap there spoke English and would be happy to help.

The gentleman in question did indeed help and we were happy to conduct business there. however he has now been replaced by a series of different people in our little local branch and these people all to a degree have spoken Franglais...it's brilliant if slightly embarrassing that once we get over the mangling of the respective languages we can generally have a good laugh and get things done.

I recently got a letter from the Bank advertising their English speaking service http://www.ca-centrest.fr/english-speaking-customer.html  (I hope that's ok Admin as a help rather than an advert)?

At first I though that's great however the more I think of it I will likely use the online service for advice but would take a deal of persuading away from our jolly chats in the branch itself! There's times when I am sure customers behind me are thinking 'Rosbiffs huh!' but as I am Scottish it doesn't hurt! By and large we usually have a bit of a giggle and I make sure I am not delaying anyone too much.

In summary its a pity we have to pay for our current account but when I think about it...I pay for my English account also.

Satisfied Customer, I think so


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