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Easiest and cheapest way to send 3k from french to uk accounts?


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I need to send €3000 from my Credit Agricole account here to a Lloyds account in UK, and would like to know the cheapest way to go about this.

Set up an electronic transfer?

Send a cheque?

Take cash when I go to uk, swap it at a beaurauueaueu de change and pay in directly?

Timescale isnt much of an issue - within a couple of weeks is fine.


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Lloyds account in sterling I presume. I would send the Euros to a UK broker such as World First or HIFX, and get them to transfer to sterling and remit to your account. You will get the best rate of exchange and possibly be able to ask the UK broker to forgo transfer charges.

The only problem, if you havn't already opened an account, is that to open an account they need to see various documents to verify your identity.

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