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How/where to endorse a French cheque


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We've just received a refund for the redevance audiovisuelle from the Tresor Public, and I want to deposit it into our account when I get to France.  The check is made out to my husband, although they've cut off the last two letters of his middle name, and we've just realized that, having never before received a check in France, we don't know how or where to endorse it.

In the US it is necessary to endorse checks on the back of the left end (end opposite the one where one signs the face of the check), but on this check that area is covered by two paragraphs of information about the time the check is valid.

So, does the DH sign the check with his name as (incompletely) written on the face?  Or with his name and middle initial as it is in our account records?  Or both?

Do we put our account number on the check, too?

Where should all this go?

I did google this, but only came up with translations of terms, so I will be very grateful for help from the experts.


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Go into your bank and get a "remise de cheques" form and envelope (usually somewhere near the atm) Fill in the form with account details etc. and pop cheque and form in envelope. No need to put your name and account no. on the back but I always do.

Pop the whole thing in the pull down draw provided in the bank or give it to the teller. The cheques we pay in are usually in our account before we get home.

I have a stack of forms at home and if I'm not near the bank for a few days I just pop it in the post.

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