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Tax Identification Number


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Hi All

I have recently moved to France and am busy changing addresses with my UK banks etc. The Co-op have aasked for a TIN number, which is, apparently, issued by "the authorities" similar to a National Insurance number.

Does anyone know where I can get one of these? I am set up as an auto entrepreneur but am waiting for the final paperwork. Will the TIN be in there somewhere?


If I can't provide one I have to provide a certified copy of a passport or Id card. Who can certify such a thing and how much will it cost, please?

I am quite angry, to be honest. So much admin. All rubbish!
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I don't think you will get your TIN number until your 1st tax return has been processed (but someone else may come along and tell tou different). We also had this hassle changing bank account addresses....

Get a photocopy of your passport and take it with the original to your French bank or local bank and they should authorise it for you.  I went to the local  Credit Agricole (I do not have an account there !) and they signed and stamped it for me free of charge.

Hope this helps

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