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Insurance for digital Hearing Aids


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(Xposted on Disabilities board - thought there might be more readers here)

Hi all

can't find a more appropriate place to post this but happy to move if need be.

I recently purchased a pair of digital hearing aids in the UK. I am now back in la belle France and I need to get them insured. Personally I would like to have them insured against every eventuality - damage, breakdown, theft and loss as they cost 3000GBP and are of great value to me.

Our personal possessions are insured through our bank (CIC). When Dh spoke with them they said that they would only insure the aids against damage / breakdown that occurs at home as per any other personal possession. And that this was the best we could expect to find in France.

Anyone have any experience of insuring such items in France?
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I bought  digital from Audica in local shop(haute vienne) 3 years ago and paid for their insurance.Items wereSiemens Oticon guaranteed for 2 years.I paid at same time an extra 290euro for 2 year extension.

They claim to have 320 centres for assisstance nationally.

My pair were 3600euro!expensive but the cheaper type which I bought at first,just an insert  cannot be cleaned by oneself and, kept blocking due to wax!

Touch wood no problems and they will adjust noise level up or down depending whether you are generally in a small room or large one with lots of people, as they can pick up a lot of  background noise,whistling etc.

regards ...GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS  [:(]     First the BAD NEWS .....   I unfortunately can hear my wife nagging me......

      now the ...GOOD NEWS..[:D]..........       I CAN TURN VOLUME RIGHT DOWN and she does not know!![6]


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