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UK Pensions increased on April 5th 2010??


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I receive State Pensions from both UK and Spain.


My 13 years worked in UK, divided by the 44 years minimum required for a full pension at the time I claimed it, gives me 13 / 44ths, rounded up to 30% of the full pension. This results in the princely amount of  £29.30 per week this year.


I just noticed that the minumum years required for a full pension has been reduced to 30, as from April this year. So if I had reached 65 this year I would be getting 43% of the full amount, about £42 per week. (Wow)


A cute way of “increasing” pensions while keeping down the cost?


I wonder if my pension will be increased to reflect the change. – I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

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I have discovered that the inland revenue as far as my pension was concerned based my recent tax code on an estimate of what benefits they thought I would receive ...They estimated over £3 .000 higher so I would have been paying more tax . On pointing out what pension I was getting they sent out another code number ... Its worth a check to see if they have given you the correct tax code number this year .
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