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Looking for boarding for my dog in the Dordogne


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I’m going to be singing with my UK choir in Perigueux in July and I need someone to look after my dog from 10th-15th July as I will be staying with a French choir member who can’t accommodate the dog. Any thoughts? He’s a male Lurcher.

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Would it be easier to leave your dog in a kennel back in the UK? 

Or can your host suggest anywhere near him/her?

Do you have transport, for example, to go to where your dog might be going?

The people I know with dogs all have their regular nounou de chien with whom to leave their pets.  Or they have helpful neighbours.

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I support Menthe’s suggestion that simplest solution is to find short term boarding kennel in the UK. You will need to book early to ensure a place in any respectable kennel.

There are so many difficulties to finding a suitable place in another country where you have no chance to search effectively and assess the accommodation. Individuals like myself might consider it but would turn you away because we are 100 miles from Perigueux, our lurcher boy may not accept a stranger and we would be entertaining other friends and family. It seems too complicated.

Have you checked the cost of bringing your dog to France? This may pay for the UK kennels.

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20 hours ago, Hectorsdad said:

It is annoying when a new, single poster asks for help and can’t be bothered to visit the forum again to receive any advice or comments offered by the members.

To be fair, it was a very thick question the OP asked.

WTF would you bring the dog to France ? Lol.

The cost, the hassle, the stress on the pet. Jeeesus.


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