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I must admit i was surprised to see this section of the form is not visited or put it this way a long gap between comments,

As i am sure most folk will understand we now have weather changes from the years passed that are really strange,

IE Here in France we are enjoying a lot of Sun in the months years ago you would not see the Sun so often December etc

But you also thank these warmer/later times of the year for flies being around, I notice this year when i really go head over heels to feed the birds in late October and carry on until end of March time that the birds do not really use the 12 bird feeder stations i have made for them, But as from November the feeding stations of all sorts from wire tube like feeders to the flat deck sorts and bird seed ball holders are empty in about 2 days of filling, this tells me that nature is saying the bugs have gone and the Bird lovers are needed,

If your a keen garden Lover as I am you do not need me to tell you that these same birds your feeding through the hard times will pay you back 10 fold when the garden bugs return,

So why not give it ago and buy or make your own bird feeders ?


Also during these dark winter day & night's Is the perfect time for making Bird nesting box's  ? Nothing better than getting yourself in the workshop, radio on, a heating going and making a few bird nesting box's, I have just finished two made from clay plant pot's,

They have the hole in the bottom and provided the smallest hole is 1 inch round then it is perfect for the likes of Blue ****,

1 1/2 inch will be good for the larger birds etc, I have mounted my clay pots onto a piece of hard wood via 4x 1inch wood screws all around the rim at the section of the pot we're you would as the norm fill the pot (the opening)  A diamond drill bit will make perfect holes into the clay and then use a drill bit for the wood "just enough drill depth to start the screw  screwing into the wood backing. Also while the diamond bit is in the drill remember the birds need a landing place to land on (drill a hole just under the drainage hole large enough to take a dowel or round hand carved piece of wood that will fit into this new hole you have just drilled, the landing dowel must fit tight)

The good thing about clay pots is they can be painted once sealed (use normal wood undercoating & then 2 coats of gloss and one coat of boat varnish, they will be warm on cold night and dry, the say the proof is in the eating, Well i have made this type of bird nesting box for years and they stand up to all weather and the birds love them Plus painted they look very nice, But you can just mount the clay pots Un- painted if you prefer, these will breath as clay pots are made to breath "But they also allow water to cause dampness ??

Again if you want a talking point in your garden why not try the modern art of fixing bent spoons/forks/ Even old spanners to the front of your nesting box wooden surround ? The idea's are endless and a perfect way to spend your time during those dark/cold winter evenings

And have them ready for mounting in the spring time ??? And enjoy mother natures own "TOP OF THE POP'S" As they sing away ?

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Hello Hectorsdad,

Thank you for your reply .

I am pleased you like the topic, A lot of people would enjoy the making of the bird feeders & bird nesting houses,

But we must not forget to provide water "both as for drinking & nothing more entertaining than seeing them taking a bath,

Some of the very simple ideas for making nesting houses "you'd never think of" Like a simple beans tin can"

I have done this idea with 6 beans tin can's all mounted next to each other (A bit like flats for birds) and each one painted a different color, They really attract the birds and are used year after year,

Well once again thank you for your reply.

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I make my own cylinder type bird feeders from wood and wire mesh. Very easy to do.

The only problem is that it is very difficult to source a thick grade of wire mesh in France.  And of couse peanuts.

I hate those plastic ones. 

I have 6 dotted around the garden.

Anyway, I live in a suburban location next to a large city but I do have a relatively big wildlife garden.

After two years I nearly have every type of bird you could possibly imagine in a bird garden.

And remember, the bits of nuts that fall off the bird feeder whilst others are feeding, go onto the ground and are picked up by other birds. Dunnocks, Chaffinch, Blackcaps, Blackbirds.

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