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This is about Arles but other places have the same scenario?


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I have found this article very interesting and I know that some from the Forum live nearby.


This type of development is by no means confined to Arles.  I see examples of the same type of debate near where I live (and that is not exactly a thriving metropolis).

Others on here have their thoughts?  Please share them.

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We have a very similar situation developing without the posh new development. Our Maire has a programme of 'whitening the sepulchre' by refurbishing the façades without addressing the social issues. I call it 'cosmetic surgery' or in a more colourful image " une vielle p*te qui se maquille pour attired de nouveaux  clients sans changer sa cullote"

I won't even  begin on the plague of AirBnB and how it contributes to the scarcity of affordable housing  for low-paid essential workers.

As for the word gentrification I think the author is referring to Canadian French when  he uses the word " embourgeoisement. In France it is https://www.linternaute.fr/dictionnaire/fr/definition/gentrification/

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Thanks Menthe for the link. I am sitting watching the rain falling and, having completed many of my indoor tasks, I have started to plan next years trips around France. Arles was already on the list of possibilities and has now risen up the pecking order.

  We are happy with the modern architecture alongside the classical Roman sites but stay aware of the social problems of the local population. My wife is an expert in architecture, archaeology and art in general so she will probably vote for Arles in the spring when the schools are in session.

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Hectorsdad, unlike your wife, I am no expert.  As far as I can see from the pictures, it is a structure playing about with different forms.  We are back to the age-old argument of Form vs Function, are we not?

What worries me is the possible difficulty of maintaining such a structure, with all different planes, and necessary repairs when they arise, will be next to impossible to effect.

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