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Avis D'impot - to sign and return?


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I have just received two letters from the tax people - following my late 2008 declaration.

(There was no penalty or slap on the knuckles fortunately)

The first letter (No 1501 if that means anything to anyone)

listed all our income and showed our revenu fiscal at the bottom.

The best bit was the line above which showed the "montant net de votre imposition" as being 0!!

The second letter is headed "Avis d'impot sur les revenus" 2008

It shows our numero fiscal and again that our montant is 0

The bit I'm not sure about is right at the bottom where there is a space to sign and date.

It appears to be a declaration on our honour that the figures are correct.

Is that for us? Do we both sign and date it and then return the form?

Or do we photocopy it and send them the photocopy?

Don't really want to part with this important bit of paper!!

A tax demand for nothing is worth its weight in euros.

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