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Taxe d'Habitation - More questions!


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Further to my previous post - two more questions:

1.  should I have received a form to fill in, prior to receiving the demand?

2.  I read in a previous post that it is possible to pay the tax monthly?  Anyone know how you set this up?

Thanks again, Amanda

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The only time you would fill in a form before being assessed for this tax (as far as I know) is if you've just done some improvements to your property. There's a form H1 for this. This would put up the taxable value. Otherwise they seem to base the assessment on the tax paid by the last owner.

To pay monthly - they usually send a form with the demand asking if you want to pay monthly in future, but the first payment is to be paid in total.

You can always go down to the Hotel des Impots in your nearest town and ask them there.

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