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DAT Booste account with CA?


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I've just recently opened an account with CA (from current location outside the EU) and plan to transfer best part of my salary there over the years ahead prior to retirement in France.

CA contacted me about putting the money into either:

1. Livret A @ 1.75% minimum deposit of 10€ and maximum 15300€

2. DAT Booste term deposit account blocked for 3 months @ 4.3% minimum deposit 5000€ and maximum deposit 50 000€.

"This account is

only available for new money arriving on the account which is your case. The

money is returned to your current account after the 3 months with the interest


Any thoughts on these options, and are there any better ways (within the banking system) that don't involve risking the stock market? This is purely long-term savings, not for ready access.


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