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Taxe d'Habitation


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I received a taxe d'habitation for 2010 recently.

I started living in France since March 2010 and I will leave France on January 30 2011.

I don't know how they send me a bill even though I didn't live in France on January.

I asked to my landlord but he didn't respond me anything.

When I contacted a Service des Impôts de Particuliers, they responded I don't have to pay it this year and I have to pay it next year (2011).

However, I will leave France on January 30 and I won't be able to receive it in France.

Do they normally send a bill to other country?  What should I do for paying it next year?

Please give me any advice. Thank you.

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They'll send a bill wherever you are.

I think (and I know that there are people on the forum who know for sure) that Taxe d'Hab is paid by whomever is in the house on 1st Jan so by the sound of things, this will be you for 2011.  It is, after all, how you managed not to pay it in 2010!

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