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Changes to French tax 2011


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The main changes are explained in French here:


There are the new tax bands.

Another change which may effect Forum members is the rise in Capital Gains charged on the sale of second homes:

"Le taux d'imposition des plus-values immobilières réalisées à partir de 2010 passe à 19 %, contre 16 % auparavant. La résidence principale reste exonérée."

There are an enormous number of rises, and even some new taxes, such as one on damages awarded .

It bears close scrutiny.

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Don't know if I want to know all this, Norman, but it seems that I will need to know.  Did you see that bit about the contributions sociaux?[:(]

BTW, do you know how I should notify the new impôts office of my change of address?  I did go to our local trésor before moving (they have been a point of contact for at least 2 years) and told them I'd moved and that I no longer had a TV in the old address (in order to pre-empt any argument at a later date).

The woman said she'd note that the change will start from 1st January next year.  If I waited, I'd know but if you have info about what I need to do, I'd like your advice.  Forewarned is forearmed.

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