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Changing Tax Regime


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Hi, I would really appreciate some advice on changing tax regimes. I lease a B&B business and am subject to the reel regime so I pay and reclaim TVA. I also have an accountant. However, I am going to move to another chambre d'hote with lower turnover and want to switch to the micro bic system.

Is this an easy process? Do i need to close down my current company and reopen again as an auto entrepeneur?

Any info will be gratefully received.

Best Regards


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Assuming that you are an entreprise individuelle under réel you could switch to being an AE. Unfortunately it appears that you can only change with effect from the start of a tax year, so you've just missed the boat for another 12 months. Better check that because it might only be a restriction for people who are already Micros.

If you are moving anyway it might be simplest to wind up your business and re-register as an AE. Probably best to go along to URSSAF to see if they can advise. 

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