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Why can't I take advantage of investing in U.K. banks ?


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Sold one property in France  purchased a new property in another area of France and have some monies left over which we wish to invest in and English bank using their fixed interest rates over 3 years annual payment of interest.  We have contacted several U.K. banks including the one we have used for over 30 years and they all inform us that because we live in France with no U.K. address we are not able to take advantage of their offers.   My question ( as I have put to them all ) is WHY NOT ????  We are English with English passports with English Banks and it is not as if we are looking to borrow monies from them but rather to place a reasonable amount in thier coffers to be able to make bigger intersts from then they are offering.  Seems daft to me.  Does anyone out there have any knowledge as to why they will not accept our monies?

Regards Lesfavets ( Royston )

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