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Exchange rate for 2010 tax return


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Technically it is the banque de France rate on the day you received the money.

If you highlight the sterling column here:


you will get a PDF file with all the rates for the last several years.  This is what I do because it's what the law says but I know most don't bother.  As I only have 26 pension  payments a year to do it only takes me about 5 minutes so it never seems like much trouble to get right.

However, most tax offices will allow you to use a blanket rate so it is best - if you aren't going to do the fiddly sums - imho, to phone your Impots office and ask as there is rarely a country-wide consensus.   But you're right, somebody did mention a rate and it's in a thread called something like "I've got my tax forms", iirc.

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Thanks very much, I have found the post referred to now, and I think I will take your advice and contact the Impots at Montpellier for their rate. However it may be worth my while to ask any Forum members if they have had a rate from Montpellier.

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