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Goodbye from me


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Just to say SORRY for not continuing  with all the topic regarding Pruning ,

I have decided to leave the forum due to being accused of racist regarding my Using the word Irishman in a joke and Paddy,

My Father and my Wife are all Irish and to be called a Paddy by a person who is not an IRISHMAN Is a complement not an Insult,

So i have decided to leave the forum in spite of only being a member for such a short while,


So  it is with regret I am saying , Goodbye.

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82 posts in 18 days is a very good contribution. I wonder what the total posts is for that period. This is in stark contrast to the more and more frequent total posts by new members of one or two before they simply vanish from the forum. There is very little continuity and bears little resemblance to the early days of the forum when there was so much to read every day.

It is hard to reconcile the ever diminishing interest on the forum with the effective expulsion of one of the few active members. Very sad!

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Thanks for the explanation. It is easy from the outside to make comments like mine but I understand that it is quite different if you have more serious responsibilities. It is true however that he seemed to be trying hard to kick start several topics, not all to my taste, but even that required some effort.

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