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Her Looks have changed,  Now she's Old,

She once was a smashing Looking Woman   So I'm told,

Hair down her back And a stature so grand,

But age has caught up with her,  She can  "now hardly stand,"

Her hair Once Fair and Blowing in the Wind,   Is now so Grey and thinning , 


It's a shame There's no chance  She'll ever get those Whistles from Admiring men Again,

She walks around  Town like a shadow "Not being seen by those who walk past,   She know"s her day's Been and gone,

She's a woman from the past,

What is called a has been,  Better hidden away never to be seen,

There's only time left and not much of that,

Maybe the Odd thought or an old song or Photo to remind her and help to think  "DID I REALLY ONCE  LOOK LIKE THAT ?"

Of an evening she's found with door's  locked sitting all alone,  She's no longer Queen Bee, "She no longer has a throne,


She didn't choose right  "That's why her past values were wrong,

She'll be found one day Alone and played out,  "Just like her  Song",

The end,

Good night,



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