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STORY AT BED TIME. O'Brian And his greatest save ever,


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The War was over and people started to see food's in the shops they had not seen for years, Meat was the last to come off the rationing list  "But Bananas  " we're still to be seen in the grocers, Bombed out building could still be seen And some parts of Liverpool did manage to not see any destruction of their  rather well to do home area's

The "shall we say more wealthy people",   The people who lived in three and four  story housing, complete with a full staff of servants,

Cooks and maids to look after every need their masters requested, Oh Yes these homes from both the in and outsides stood out from those homes near to the Dock area,

But another side to these grand looking properties was that all the staff lived in'

Some on the very top floors high up near the roofs and some lived way down low in the cellar area"s, the lower your position the higher up your quarters would be,

The maids we're mainly young girls, the hours we're long, early starts and late finishes, And the pay was pittance, It was a case of  do as your requested and be thankful you have a roof over your head,

Liverpool had a population of a lot of IRISH folk, The men we're known for their hard working skills and the whole of Liverpool was really being rebuilt, Any construction of any future worth and standing out such as the MERSEY TUNNEL AND LIVERPOOL CATHEDRAL (Better known as Paddy's Wig wham  because of it's shape) All these buildings had the imprint of the IRISH and their hard working practice,

The same can be said for the staff in those Posh Victorian Houses,

But Liverpool all through the Dark days of the 1940's and the 2nd world war still had the Foot Ball clubs, And the two clubs that stood out we're LIVERPOOL F .C. And EVERTON F.C.  These clubs we're the working mans entertainment and unlike to days Football players they also had very poor wage compered with to days player's,

But we had our star players And Everton Had what was thought of at the time As the best GOAL KEEPER In a man called PADDY  O'BRIAN  He had hands like two Tennis Rackets And he stood 6 feet 8inch tall  and could dive like a tiger,

But Paddy was never the greatest in the brain department  In fact he wasn't fully cooked, But what he lacked in brain power he more than made up for in catching that (LEATHER FOOTBALL)

After the war ended the New Powers to be in the Game of Football had other idea's of how to run a Club and how to get a lot of money, And looking at Paddy and a few other player's it was decided they wanted a team much younger and also that would attract the Ladies, the more tickets they sold the happier the share  holders would be,

And so Paddy was put out to pasture, Not wanted, Not needed anymore, But Paddy could still be seen most days talking to himself as he went out jogging along the roads, He'd be going fine and suddenly he'd dive to one side or the other and people waiting for buses in bus stops would dive out of his imagery goal he'd just saved and then he'd scream out, Get f------ out of my way, and he'd wave to some invisible player way down the pitch as he kicked the ball to them, And then he'd carry on jogging along the street's while the bus stop crowd would say  He should have been locked up years ago, But others remembered when he kept the working men entertained in those "Now" passed Dark days of the war,

 A  Victorian four story large house called (THE GRANGE) stood in upper PARLIAMENT  STREET.  a very sort after area And this house was fully staffed with what you would expect in such a house,

On the very top 4th floor was the Maids bedrooms and living room, these rooms we're dull inside but they did have window's and outside the window area was a ledge covered in lead cladding, When the sun's out this lead cladding would get warm and so the young maids would sit on the edge and sun bathe,

One of the Youngest maids was an Irish girl called "MOLLY",

Now Molly was a very pretty young girl and unmarried, everything going for her "Except she had a young baby"

It was a Saturday morning and Molly had Lit the only form of heating she had "An old oil lamp"  The baby being only a few months old cried a lot and Molly would hold the baby and walk up & down the small bed room signing softly Irish songs from home hoping the baby would sleep, Molly had been up since 5am doing her duties and keeping out of the way of the Lady of the house (The Masters did not like seeing these people,) It was said that along the hall ways we're hidden paneling that open so the servants could hide when any of the Master or Ladies we're walking through the hallways,

Molly could not get the little one to sleep and Molly sat on the bed hugging her baby and saying shhhh   shhhhhhhhh  shhhh,

Hoping this would bring sleep and rest to the little one, But the only one who felt the ease of sleep was "Molly"

She fell asleep and so did the Oil lamp "FALL" onto the floor and within minutes the room was ablaze , choking smoke and flames burning up around the bed and getting higher by the minute,  The smoke could be seen from the street below and it was not long until Molly was awake and screaming, she managed to get onto the lead cladding and walk along it away from the window,

The street below was getting filled with people looking up to the roof and then she was seen  "MOLLY" holding onto her baby,

She had no more ledge to walk along, all that was left was a long Drop down to the pavement 4 floors below,

The the sound of the Fire Brigade could be heard, The crew quickly told people to get back  "give us space" Get back, The head fire officer looked up and soon understood they had no Ladders to get any were near that ledge and so it was very quickly decided to use the oldest way of saving a person in such a position   "The dreaded Blanket"  It was quickly spread out and all hands including some of the crown got a grip of the complete edges of the Blanket,

The Fire Officer got his megaphone out and he asked the crowd  "ANYONE KNOW THAT WEE GIRLS NAME????"   Molly someone shouted   Her name is Molly,

The officer said right Lads be ready to pull hard and firm,      "Molly"  It is me Fire Officer Murphy,   Can you hear me MOLLY ??

A gust of wind had blown smoke in the direction of Molly and she could be heard coughing,

"MOLLY"     Nod if you can hear me (The Officer called)

The Crowd could be heard saying prayers to their maker to spare the baby,

"MOLLY Nodded, and said she was scared !!!!!

We will save you and the baby MOLLY  Do not  worry about that, the Officer shouted,

Molly when I count to three, You must jump down into the Blanket, we will save you, The Office shouted

The Smoke was getting really thick the smell from the ground just was choking and people eyes watered,

Officer,  Right MOLLY here we go, ONE.----TWO----THREE  JUMP MOLLY JUMP !!!!!!

Molly shouted  I CAN NOT JUMP, I Am to scared, I can not do it,

There was a Silence  from the crowd,

The fire Officer Again pleaded with MOLLY? But to no avail, Molly was not going to  jump

Then  Who should come along in a world of his own dreaming of those days when he had a crown to perform to,

YES it was Paddy jogging along and every now & then he'd reach out high above his arms height to save yet another invisible Ball,


A member of the crowd shouted, thats PADDY O'BRIAN  The greatest goal Keeper EVERTON Ever had, He can save the baby,

The fire officer knowing he was running out of ideas thought it's a chance worth trying,

He had a word with O'BRIAN  And asked could you save that baby if we can get her to chuck the baby down here ????

PADDY, Like he was a different bloke grabbing  the Megaphone from the Officer SHouted,

I am PADDY O'BRIAN The greatest goal keeper ever, You chuck the baby down and I will catch it???????

The Officer Grabbing the megaphone "SHOUTED"   MOLLY At least give the baby a chance !!!!!

MOLLY Hearing all this looked at the baby and thought I must give you a chance of life, And Paddy O'Brian is the greatest catcher ever known,

She Kissed her little one, and then SHOUTED OK  I WILL DO IT,


He then stood with both legs spread out like a giant crab and his arms like wise ,

The crown went silent, women could be seen holding their own faces, doing the sign of the cross, Men just looking at their HERO


PADDY gave a nod to the fire Officer, I AM READY  PADDY SHOUTED,

MOLLY Once again kissed her baby, closed her own eyes and chucked the baby out of her Arms and when she open her eye"s again

she could see the baby rolling as it sped down towards PADDY,

PADDY could be seen to have eyes like glass  "just getting his timing right,

To paddy he was back in the good old days at EVERTON FC  The crowd, the sweat feel of knowing he was still wanted,

He glanced at the crowd and picked out his winger, just like the good old days,

As the Baby was rolling all over the place PADDY WAS READY,

But then a gust of wind was to blow the Baby over to the far right hand side of PADDY'S Body way out of a goal keepers reach,

The crowd just held their breath, a few OH GOD NO NO NO


And then the Baby was within his grasp  HE FOLDED HIS ARMS AROUND THE BUNGLE AND LANDED ON HIS OWN FEET !!!!

The Crowd shouted out  "YES   YES"

Paddy bounced  the Baby into the Air and Kicked it 1000yrds Down the wing,🤣

Good night folks😂





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