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The Glory of peace perfect peace


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A very big good morning to all,

Well it's nearly over 'Christmas day' And the over eating and the "Drink"

Did you say never again,?   I will never drink so much again ,,?? Or And i will never eat so much (As you keep blowing off for France and blaming the Dog😊 )

Well what about taking yourself and your "Head" for an early morn Walk ? The fresh air really wakes you up and you'll thank your lucky stars your living in such a lovely part of the world,

The dark of night has just about said goodbye to the moon and the smoking chimney tells us another day is about to start,

The doom and glum called the daily news is waiting to be read, "WHO KILLED WHO" and the Look forward to repeats on the Box,

Or you can just smile to yourself and think the price of peace perfect peace is deafening at times "But so very good"

Have a nice one folks,

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