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Greeting To all,

Well as i have said keep your tools in good working order and they should last a long time,

But you can not always go by what the advertising people say, How many times have you saved your hard earned cash and bought a Tool you thought was the answer to all your prayers Only to find it is a load of rubbish and is not what the add said ??????

Well here is your chance to let all the other garden lovers know what to give a second thought about buying that same tool,

So lets have your say on this subject,

But as we all know we can have both sides of the coin, And some tools are just first class and should be heard about,

So again Lets hear about these tools,

Now's your chance to give something back to both sides of the gardeners world, (1)  The bad buys  And (2) The good Buy's,


I will start off by talking about tools if use on a regular basis that will save you a lot of time and back ache,

Lets look at the gardeners friend the common HOE,

This is a tool I try to give at least 1 hour per day  being used, The idea of the Hoe is to keep the weeds down and give the plants a chance to grow and for the plant to get a good share of the natural food the soil has & any feed you are giving to the plants,

The Hoe's I use are two different sorts, (a) The dutch hoe, is the spade like end that is held in place by a wood shaft or some are held by a metal shaft, and the part that removes the above ground weed's are attached via the shaft, the spade like metal weed cutting device is pushed just under the soil (approx 1/4 inch) the idea being to disturb /cut the weeds root's and stop the growth?

Experience has proved to me weeds are the best growing plant you'll ever come across and any bit of root left will in no time develop into a fully growing weed in no time, Hence regular use of the Dutch "push" Hoe is needed,

The way to use the Dutch hoe is to push the metal (spade shape) end just under the weeds base approx 1/4 under the soil and then remove all the roots you have cut, Do not leave any root or seed heads on the soil as these will start to grow,

(b) I have a second Hoe that has a blade type head "still mounted on a shaft" That is very sharp on both sides of this blade,

The blade is the idea of removing the weeds roots "Except" this Hoe is a draw hoe ,,,,,? and a push Hoe, The draw side of the hoe is great for placing the head over the weeds and pulling the hoe towards you, or if you feel the need is to Push , The you adopt the push method by turning the shaft in a circle so the top part of the hoe is now in the down near the soil,   And now use as a push hoe, "Both work",

(c) The heads on these Hoe's can very in shape, One i often see is a head that looks like a Golf club head, this head because it is not a full cross bar idea ie metal from side to side of the shaft but only half of this golf club style Actually crosses the from one side but stops approx half way across, this allowing the Hoe to be placed around weeds rather than in front or behind the  weed.

All these Hoe's are first class tools and are well worth owning,  I would go for the double sided Blade style out of all three Hoe's


Go for a wood shaft" (pole" ) as you can get long poles for the taller gardener and replace any to short pole and save your back ache,

Well lets hear your good or wasted of time & why tool  Comments ,

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