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Season’s Greetings


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Haven't been able to sign into this forum for ages.  No idea why.  Decided to do a search for the forum and sign in that way.  No idea why my saved link no longer works. 

Anyway, hope you all are safe and well.




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17 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

How is the new house, Lori? Hope Xmas is happy there and that you finally have your forever home.

Thank you Wooly.  House is great.  We are very happy to be here.  Certainly have no plans to move, but I've said that before.  Hopefully this time is for good.  We do have lots of works planned for the house. Fitting out the attic is scheduled to begin towards the end of January.  That is a fairly big project.  Then, there are smaller things for the RDC of the house.

Christmas was a bit hectic, but nice none the less.  Daughter is here visiting.  Food and drink were good both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Weather was gorgeous yeterday.  We sat outside for our midday meal.  Was lovely.

Folks have been very nice round here so far.





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