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It was the early 1940's And the 2nd world war was at it's strongest,  Hitler" was trying his best , Liverpool Dock area was bombed nightly and the people tried to carry on with their lives the best they could,

The street"s had scars of the Bombs the Bombs that we're Aimed at the Docks But landed in and around the terrace houses making some become semi-detached as some Bombs demolished next door,

Old Betty and her husband Billy we're just about to start to eat their evening supper by candle light, "Oh" not as some Romantic gesture and not because they'd not paid the electric meter bill,

No they had not had any Electric for months and the rules we're all window's must be Blacked out after dark,

So with the glow of the open fire and the candle holder holding the half burnt "bent" candle it was that time of the day to enjoy a pan of home made Irish stew,

Betty was showing her age more than Billy  She had her same fashion dress for years, "The cross over the body Pinny  A hair roller in the front of her head scarf and the Slipper's   The slippers with what looked like a teddy bears eye,

one on both sides of each tartan slipper

, And to complete  her fashion  style     " Nylons folded at the knee",

Billy on the other hand was a bit more harder, flat cap, overalls with a thick leather belt wrapped  around his waist and his Donkey jacket,

As they just started to put the spoon into the stew, " The "BANG BANG BANG" on the front door, And the voice in a very LOUD and demanding shout,

Get out Now and down to the shelter "The bombs are dropping"

Billy grabbed  his Fag's and said come on Betty get out Quick, He Ran to the front door and opening it he could see what was left of his neighbors all running like hell, Kid's crying, And Billy said again Betty for God sake woman , COME ON, He was half running & half walking. As he looked over his shoulder he could see Betty going the wrong way , she was heading back to the house!!!

Where are you going you daft bat, Billy shouted !!  Betty Replied  Ive left me teeth in the Kitchen !!!!

Billy replied they're dropping Bombs Woman not bloody  "Sandwiches "


Good night All.

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