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Now filling the engine oil "JOB COMPLETE


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The last part of your engine oil change,

Why do we change the engine oil & oil filter?

Like any moving parts they need to be able to do just that "MOVE"  If these metal or even plastic in some cases need to be able to move freely with out friction (rubbing together) and if we did not have this oil between the moving parts the metal would expand and the engine will seize  causing all the metals to stop doing what they are made to do, So it is important you have the correct grade of oil IE some oil's are thicker than other's and so you will need to use the correct oil for the time of year again your manual will tell you the grade to use, thicker oil in cold conditions is harder for the engine to start up due to it being thick and takes longer to warm up,

So we now have re-placed the oil filter and the engine nut "And new copper washer" the next job is to fill your oil pouring jug or you can use a funnel and only use the correct amount of oil, Never over fill the engine (this can cause gaskets to blow due to the engine having to much oil to pump around the engine) Start to refill your engine via the filling hole, Once you have put the correct amount into the Engine let the oil settle for 20 mins or so and then use your clean Dip Stick, place this into it's hole and again wait a few minutes and then take the stick out and look at the reading (THREE SETTINGS) you want to be a little under the top setting "But if the signs are your a little on the middle or just above the bottom sign !!!!!!!!!! Do not worry, Remember you put a new oil filter on and it went on the engine EMPTY of any oil, The oil you have just put in (30 mins ago ) may not have entered the oil filter completely,

Now replace the clean filler cap and go to the battery,

Check once again the readings now the battery is cold if the battery has held the charge & the reading is "charged" then put all the caps back on the battery disconnect the charging clips and return and fit the battery back into it's housing unit in the Mower

Replace the - signed lead to the terminal (check the earth lead other end (it should be secured to the lawn mowers metal frame via a nut) make sure this end is clean and well fixed, Now the positive  lead "+ sign" connect to the battery terminal if you have an overflow tube put it down the inner part of the mower so any over flow goes out away from the mower (towards the ground)

Now replace the keys remember safety sit on the mower "brakes on" and turn the key, Let the engine run for a few minutes and turn if off, Check the oil using the wiped clean of oil dip stick, This reading now will tell you that the oil has been through the oil filter and if an oil top up is needed or not remember you want just under the top mark so fill up very slowly and a little at a time.check if the oil/filter/engine drain nut have any oil leaks if so a little tightening needed .

Well you have just completed an engine & oil filter change, not only have you Pre- longed  the life of your engine but you have saved at least labor charges and you know the products used are the best.

Well done you. (Next job) getting ready for complete under clean of belt area's and mower body / steering area's

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Henry, many of the folk on this forum are as old as Methuselah and probably do not need quite such detailed instruction in basic maintenance; indeed grandmothers and suck eggs springs to mind. Could you perhaps tell us some stories about heroes and villains and adventurers instead? Our members may well be stuck at home, crouched around a single ring, boiling an egg which is their sole food for the day, so perhaps a little derring-do might lift their spirits a little!

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Well firstly I have said all along the way i explain the engine/vehicle work is in such detail because i am offering this advice & I hope help to the person who has no experience of (A) tools and how to use them (B) The safe working (C) Hoping they will understand a little more about how these vehicles work,

Regarding such as yourself and other egg suckers Fine But i have said from day one this is for those who do not know but want to know,

Ref Stories about hero's and villains  No.    Any experiences i have come across are not nice ones and are not for gardening subjects "sorry" but i Leave such stuff to all the so called S.A.S people on these site's i never came into contact with.

But a big thank you for your reply

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