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It is Winter and the real start to your 2023 gardening thoughts


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Greetings earth Lovers,

Well as an introduction let me firstly say i am aiming the start of this topic at those who know little about the general gardening and not at the more experienced folk, But i am hoping the more experienced folk will come in on topics and help,

Anyone who loves gardening will tell you they also enjoy talking about the garden and what they are doing or how something went wrong,,,,,????? Remember the old saying a bad trades person always blames his tool's ? Well i can assure you in gardening that is incorrect, we do see some really bad tools on the market And again i want this thread to tell each other about such tools,

But more about that subject a little later in the future,

OK, We are coming to the end of this year 2022 and just like Mother nature we need to understand any future changes in the garden that is going to need future planning before we suffer loss or death of our plants/Tree's etc,

We all know about the climate change and we have seen a big difference this last year and again we have been warned what to look out for in the future and these changes are not short lived,

So lets look at three (3) thing's all plants need (1) water (2) air (3) food and i nearly missed light,



We all saw what the lack of water did this year to the lawn's Veg / Even hanging baskets.

So the warnings here and just now most of us are not to worried about the outside area's because it is winter,

But spring is not that far away really, Now if your going to do something 'NOW' about this water problem, The best water is the rain water and collection of this can come via gutters being made to divert the water as it runs down drain pipes,not only of your house

But also the likes of sheds/Greenhouse/GARAGE/ Etc


Now here is the plan to be getting on with between now and spring, you can buy those ex-1000lr juice containers, they are in the likes of THE BRICO STORE's or on the inter/nett through AMAZON AND BON-QON  (excuse spelling but you know what i mean)         I  bought 4 last month from a transport company that cost me 80uro each, BUILDERS YARDS do also have them but prices change from supplier to supplier so look around,

I have an old trailer that is for a car to pull and i have converted it by just putting one of these containers on it ,

The idea is to have the other containers positioned under the drain pipe area so the drain pipe itself pours into the container and fills up, When it is filled i simply park the trailer & container next to the full container and by means of a pump (i bought from Amazon) the water is taken from one full container and this fill's the empty mobile trailer , Now i have 1000lrs of water to use on the garden and because of this pump i can pump the water from the trailer onto the lawn/borders/  Even the greenhouse & or hanging baskets,


  All this water is free "cost you nothing' / It is clean /  and if you have a Well or your near a Stream / River Again use that water in the same way,

Your looking to the future and this is the time of year to do something now ready for the spring/summer and it also fit 's in well with any plants / shrubs /Tree's your thinking of buying ?? They all need a lot of water when the first year's growth is taking place,

No good buying these plants etc and attending their funeral when they die of lack of water and end up in the plant heaven (COMPOST HEAP) And then crying about how much you wasted.

So This Evening chat has been about  garden thought's .

I hope it has given some folk some time to think about a very important part of plant life "Water". And what to do about shortage.

More about what to do now it is winter "Tomorrow"

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