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Does logging in have to be so utterly tiresome?


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Happens to me each and every time.  Cannot log in using my email and password.

Click on Recover Password.  Fill in email.  Message to say if the email is valid, we will send you a link.

Link arrives in mailbox.  Usual option of choosing password and then re-entering.

In effect all I ever do is not bother choosing new password, but just fill in the existing one and EVENTUALLY arrive at my account.

What a palaver....not going to bother much unless in dire need of posting.

Bit early but, whilst I'm here, I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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It is certainly one  of the more "difficult" forums to access .. I have given up trying to sign in on my ipad, so can never reply to anything whilst away from home ... so very frustrating .. but do not stop posting and replying, you make my time on here so very pleasant, you speak sense, are knowledgeable about France, and come up with lots of lovely discussion ... and yes, do have the most wonderful of Christmas seasons from the damp and cold south! xxx

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Well, I have negotiated all the obstacles this morning so that I might reply to you all.  Clearly none of you have had the same problem or the forum would have been flooded with similar complaints.

Anyway, thank you for your kind words and, Judith, I will PM you after lunch.  Now gotta go and work out what to cook for lunch, something warming and nutritious...hmmm...a daily conundrum for me most days.

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