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Changing car insurer


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It's years since I last changed car insurer and so I would be grateful if someone can kindly take me through the process.

Ok, found new quote, filled in necessary info, and agreed in principle to the new insurer.

These are some of the questions that now come to mind.  Is it one month for notifying the previous insurer?  And is it the releve personelle that I need to ask for?

Can I telephone or send an email to resilier the old contrat or will I need to make the request by registered post.

How the world has moved on and how differently many things are done and her I am, in my quiet way of life, quite often at sea about how to go about doing things which would have been a cinch in the past😕

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If you ask the new insurer they should do all the necessary (cancel your existing contract etc) for you. You might need to ask your existing insurer for a releve d'information but even that, ime, has been handled by the new insurer.

If not, there are template letters that you can find on the web to send and, yes you're right, it's a month before. Your insurer you should send you a renewal notice latest a month before renewal date and you can cancel once you've received that. 

Tbh, I think it's much simpler than it once was but I am going back many years now (10+)

Edit: Links to template letters....






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Thank you, particulier, just the info I need.  As I have just about a month before the end of my contract, I shall send a letter via my secure messagerie tomorrow.  As I do everything online, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle (famous last words, ha! ha!)

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Hey, particulier, I MIGHT have done all that is necessary!  Sent 2 emails relating to my car insurance and to my guarantie accident.

Had a "bot" asked me questions to which I provided answers.  Then the message asked for a phone number on which they could reach me "en cas écheance".....feeling my luck might just be in today!

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