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Are you allowed to shoot Herons ?


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I have been working on OH's family house in deepest rural France. I love the place. 

In the far field opposite the house was (or should I say were) a couple of herons that kept me company. 

Well, that was until a few Sundays back when two chasseurs shot one of them. 

It took two of them (yes two creeping up on either side) to do their business to the heron. 

I watched it unfold from a bench sitting in the garden. 

Is that allowed ?


They were wearing fluoresent jackets. But I was not. So that got me thinking, why are they wearing a floresant jacket. Given that I was only a matter of 200 metres away from them when they shot the heron, would it not be better that I wore the fluorescent jacket ?

I dunno. 😶


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Notionally at any rate herons seem to be protected so it seems but they are not liked by anyone who has fish either privately or commercially; some folk would like them to be reduced in numbers as they have rather proliferated and do take fish.

So, ALBF, your orange hunters may have been acting illegally.

By the way, maybe the birds are colour blind so dont see orange!😵💫

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