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Bac de graise- full as a very full thing.


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My callendar 'binged' at me this morning with a jolly reminder to inspect the bac de graise.

On revealing it, I find it is weeping from the concrete lid which, to be fair, is not designed to be water-tight. 

I took the lid off expecting it to be confronted with a crust of solid grey fat, when in fact there were only a few clumps covering perhaps 30% of the surface area.

Nevertheless it is clearly clogged somewhere. Before I embark on the joyful task of bucketing the contents out, has anyone any experience of this phenomina ?

it is fed by 1 kitchen, comprising 2 sinks and a dishwasher.  

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...as a follow-up to this, when I got down to it, I put a rake down to the bottom to see how solid the sediment was and found that with a bit of agitation, it siphoned out,  down to the proper level (phew!).  So I assume it was just sediment occluding the outlet.

Must now put a note on the callendar to inspect every 6 months !

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