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Agave Question


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For the first time, this plant has produced this monster ‘growth’ with what you might loosely describe as flowers.

What are the circumstances that have led to this we’re wondering?  Presumably it’ll die away eventually?

Any insight gratefully received.


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Gardian, you were not wrong to call it an agave because the yucca does belong to the agave family.

These plants do not flower until they reach maturity.  How long maturity takes, I do not, alas, know.  Also, from observing my neighbour's yuccas, they seem to flower in a haphazard manner.  Some years they do not flower at all.  This year, however, all the yuccas I have seen have abundant flowers.  Even though I don't like yuccas, I have to admit they are very beautiful around here.

Does this unusually plentiful flowering have something to do with the drought we have had?

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Ours didn’t flower for years, then amazed us by producing that dazzling flower. Can’t remember how frequently thereafter, bu5 maybe not every year.

in fact, my late husband had grown a load from seed; they germinated very successfully, so he offered them around to our Vendée neighbours - who all turned them down flat! They had clearly encountered them before.

Yuccas are fabulous "architectural plants", for giving structure to a garden, but beware of planting them alongside a path etc, as the stiff leaves are as sharp as swords.

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