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Checking your taxe foncière

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I’m probably missing something here, but I’ve always thought that everybody’s local tax was calculated on the basis of an identical set of percentages for a given Commune, applied to the valeur locative (in UK-speak, the rateable value) of one’s property.

I appreciate that there some caveats to that, where you get whole or partial exemption on the basis of age & low income, and (I believe) a surcharge if your property is a second home (that always seems rather unfair to me, but hey).

Therefore, the variable is the aforementioned valeur locative.   Many properties carry an artificially low vl, because the owners have ‘forgotten’ to declare a significant enhancement, typically a swimming pool.  I can think of two properties within 150m of here where forgetfulness has ruled !

Hopefully the move to re-assess nationally using Google Earth will address this issue, but it’ll take years.

Accordingly, I’m at a loss to understand how up to 60% of properties attract an incorrect assessment, but someone please correct me if I’m barking up the wrong tree.

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