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An extra wash basin may prove expensive

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I have always thought that the taxe fonciere is based on some stupid notions; put in an extra bath and you pay more tax, a garden shed and you pay more, an extra bathroom, an enclosable pergola … the list is based on the idea of increased “ comfort “ as defined in 1970 (when many properties were pretty basic, with outside loos and primitive bathrooms) and presupposes that these basic necessities add value to a property.

I can understand that amenaging les combles makes more living space but basic stuff such as toilets and hand basins are surely a question of hygiene?


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I agree with you that the taxe foncière is based on some stupid notions. The fact that you pay more tax for having an extra bathroom, a garden shed, or an enclosable pergola is ridiculous. These are all basic necessities that should not be taxed.

The idea that these things add value to a property is also ridiculous. In reality, they may actually decrease the value of a property. For example, a garden shed can be an eyesore, and an enclosable pergola can make a property feel closed in.

I understand that the taxe foncière is supposed to be a way of funding local services. However, I believe that there are better ways to do this. For example, the government could increase property taxes or introduce a new tax on luxury goods.

I hope that the government will reconsider the way that the taxe foncière is calculated. It is unfair and unnecessary.

In addition to your points, I would also like to add that the taxe foncière is a regressive tax. This means that it has a greater impact on low-income households than high-income households. This is because low-income households have a lower disposable income, so they have less money to spare for taxes.

The taxe foncière is also a disincentive to improve one's property. If homeowners know that they will have to pay more tax for making improvements, they are less likely to do so. This can lead to a decline in the quality of housing stock.

I believe that the taxe foncière should be abolished. It is an unfair, regressive, and unnecessary tax.

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When we first moved here, I seriously considered installing a wash basin and a toilet in the sous sol.  There is a bedroom down there with windows and it's great for sleeping in when it is hot.  However, I WAS put off doing it because of, not only the cost of the work, but the increase in TF.

As the lack of "facilities" has discouraged any but the most determined visitors, I can't say I am sorry.  I find that nowadays I have less and less inclination to do housework; just no longer have the energy.

Meanwhile the Aussies across from us and have a secondaire and have happily installed an extra couple of bedrooms and attached bathrooms without a thought other than where to get the fanciest floor tiles.

I hinted in general conversation that they would need to declare those to the impôts but they didn't turn a hair and didn't react in any way.  So, as usual, it does depend on whether you honestly follow the rules or not?

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Good Bobo, no otherwise they might have been wrong or have to change which puts them under the spotlight. Inthink this regulation dates from the time when there was only one sink in the house, in the kitchen and the loo was a drafty ( ok, draughty) hut at the bottom of the garden . Anything beyond that was seen as luxury.

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