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seeing the dentist and covid


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Having waited for 9 months to see a dentist, I was overjoyed (not my usual reaction) to be visiting a dental cabinet today.

Covid restrictions still much enforced, mask and gel sanitaire as expected and of no surprise as I have only just stopped going on hospital visits.

But, I WAS astonished when I asked to rinse my mouth and he said no rinsing of mouth because of the covid restrictions!!  He said you may swallow but not spit.

Has anyone else seen a dentist and come across this?

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19 hours ago, Harnser said:

No - the fang snatchers over here don't seem to offer the delightfully flavoured disinfectant rinse out to get rid of the rubble.



Rubble sounds about right, Harnser.  After he said I could swallow, I asked whether I had to swallow the tartar and all and he said yes.

However, when his back was turned preparing the filling, I sneakily spat into a tissue I had ready!

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Well, as we are talking. dentistry! Monday I had a real fun time at the dentist. I had had a toothache for a couple of weeks and after various attempts at finding the cause, and failing, the tooth had to come out, a molar. Several anaesthetic injections later and still the agony of her cutting into the tooth was severe. She said she had to cut it (using a sort of angle grinder in miniature!!)  so that it could be loosened and then removed! After I had climbed down off the ceiling she continued with a sort of spike tool to lever out the split pieces, meanwhile the assistant was mopping the blood off my face and trying to keep me in the chair! Eventually the vet, sorry the dentist' said she would have to refer me to hospital as she was causing me too much agony! The thought of further delay filled me with horror and I told her to have one last go and I would try not to scream too loudly! In she went again, spikey tool, pliers, drills; the lot. I was in all honesty, ready to faint with the pain until after what seemed  a lifetime she said she had got it out!!  She showed it to me, a root had become infected and that was the 'root' of the problem!! Believe it or not she is a very good dentist, she explained that molar roots extend, more or less, into the bone of the jaw and this makes them particularly difficult to get out! My mouth and particularly the gum is still trying to come to terms with being abused so drastically! So, something to look forward to if you find you have a molar that is starting to ache!!!!!!!

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4 hours ago, Riggers said:

Well done Ken,that’s a whole bunch of people put off going to the dentist.Excellent

What an utter bizarre statement and thought process you appear to possess.

If people are so swayed by a forum post to forgo a short term discomfort for a long term health benefit, well there would appear to be no hope for them.

On a positive note, people who deny themselves healthcare by spurious logic enable others with more sense to move up the appointment procedure more quickly, enabling them to return to better health faster.

Keep up your good work. 🤣


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13 hours ago, Harnser said:

Do you all want to hear about my experience having a badly rotten back molar removed, and after that a crown on a post fitted by the dentist who I reckon was a part-time stonemason and roadmender?

Perhaps my dentist was apprenticed to your dentist!!!!

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