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Well, I have just cooked up the first of the Bramley apples of which there seem to be an abundance this year on our three year old tree. Plus, loads of Cox’s  but where to store them? But, after an excellent early raspberry start the lates seem to have suffered badly so little or no crop this year. Pity.

Gooseberries and red n black currants very good, some nice jam.

How have your fruits done?

Didnt do veg this year at all.

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Everything has been terrible apart from black currants and red currants, no plumbs, Mirabelles, very few cherries, grapes are very small and looking a bit greyish. Cox apples are very small,  Bramleys  are smaller than usual and getting chewed to death by wasps etc. I've spent well on Coca-cola traps but although they are getting plenty of insects, it looks as though they can't keep up with the onslaught. Oh Toms and chillies are doing OK as they get watered, about the only thing that does as the well has dried up. No veggies at all this year ground is too hard to dig.

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