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Water shortage

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Thus far in my bit of the Pas de Calais there does not seem to be a water shortage but I was wondering how members are getting on? Anyone reduced to filling up bottles or buckets from a tanker or maybe showering at the village pump? The French press suggests some communes are dry, effectively.

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Yes news from not too distant town of Sault (yes the lavendar one) says they are running out of water for their residents.  Apparently there are 3 sources from which they get water, all of which have reached levels of drying up.  Not sure what they are going to do.

We, of course, have had our 'source' water turned off.  As have all the surrounding villages whose residents received 'source' water.

I expect rationing to be announced at any time.  No rain in the forecast.

We now take 'army' showers, collect all used water that we can (yes in empty 1.5 litre water bottles and a 9l bucket kept in the kitchen sink).  We use the collected water on our herb garden - which I would hate to lose as we use these herbs each day in our meals.



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Meanwhile here in Devon I've just looked at this morning's temperature and we are at a giddy 8.5 deg C....

That said,   it's incredibly dry even here,   our well is empty and we're syphoning out the bath water via a magnificent half-inch hose to water the apple trees,   more to save water costs than to save South West Water,   lest anyone thinks that I'm virtue signalling.   The ground is hard as iron and the fields a very un-Devon-like brown.....


Still,   in this part of the world a dry August is a bit of a novelty!

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Tourism !

Tourism is killing France. 

But, France can not have it both ways. 

Just imagine the demand on water supplies (loos, showers, drinking, food.. etc) with the millions of folk visiting France in the summer ! 

It is mad out there on the roads. France is packed full of tourists.

Campsites, hotels, Brit Gîtes, French Gîtes, Dutch Gîtes and all the other gîts....that is where your water is going in France. 





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