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EDF bill - a pleasant surprise!


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Our latest leccy bill was very small - investigated the small print - apparently because we got an abonnement.

Why? Aha -  because we had a power cut and we got an abonnement of €54 per supply - we have two, one for the barn and one for the house. So €108 in pocket and I ran the generator for about 10 hours and refilled it with about 7.5 litres of essence that ties up roughly with the figures quoted for the genny of about 20 hours @ 50% full load on the 13 litre tank.

Didn't have to ask for it, so isn't it nice when this happens!

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A nice present.    EDF were very generous when the July 2019 storm knocked out the supply for a total of five days where we had the house in 24.    And that had the amusing incidents where *I* - perfidious Albion - had to show the repair teams who had driven down from Brittany how the local network was organised,   and where the substation was.    And then tell them that they'd only got one of the three phases back in service,   but when eventually they realised that "l'Anglais a raison" they did a very good job.

Back in Devon our village has had no internet or telephones for the last 16 days,   following an incident where a lorry on the main road brought down the fibre cable and caused sufficient sag on the 150 pair phone line that it too had to be brought down.     We're rather hoping for over £100 in compensation,  having finally been put back on two days ago.

It's an ill wind and all that,   but will pay a large chunk of the 4G subscription for the back-up that we keep to cover just such an eventuality.

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