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French small claims court

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Some friends have hired a canal boat for part of the summer but the first week has been ruined because the batteries keep going flat which means no fridge and the boat is unsteerable, apparently. It is now out of the water as the problem seems to be below the waterline.

Given that the hirer is a mariner and had his own yachts for years, it is not likely he would have messed the boat up. Of course the commercial boat owner says he did.

Likely that this might need a small claims court, so, does anyone know anything about such procedures in France, please?

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Wools, I had quite a bit of advice on this some years ago.  I have tried but I can't for the life of me remember who it was who gave me links to the form you need to fill in.  I have also searched the forum using the search engine but goodness knows what babies they have thrown out with the bath water on here.

Is this link of any use?


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Also, if your friend has insurance on a French house, this probably will include Protection Juridique, which will cover him for legal expenses and carry out the entire procedure on his behalf.

If he has this in his contract, he should contact his insurance company immediately, before taking any action himself.

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