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So, Jupiter has given up (for the time being anyway) phoning Putin and has switched to phoning  Zelensky! Jupiter has promised that France will step up its supply of arms to Ukraine which, given the supply, so far is paltry it won't be hard to do and  is almost an insult. 

Now me not being the least bit cynical wonder if Macron, now Putin seems to be losing this war, is switching from being Putin's mate to wanting to become Zelensky's mate? In other words he has seen the writing on the proverbial wall and doesn't want to be seen as a Putin apologist, which he is. Anyway we shall see if France fulfils its 'promise to supply arms in any significant amount, I have my doubts! For me it is so blatant a 'switch' that I'm a little surprised Zelensky didn't tell   him to 'go away in short, sharp jerky movements'!! The duplicity is quite disgusting, even for Macron. I wonder what the other leaders think of him?


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14 minutes ago, Harnser said:

A new Russian slang verb has emerged recently:-

 макронить (to do a Macron), meaning to ring up constantly for no reason.

 макронить is pronounced "macroneet"

Keep up at the back of the class!

On 16/05/2022 at 14:10, Ken said:

not to mention ****---ed off Macron,

It seems Macron is now garnering 'urine extraction' at the hands of Russian state media. They have adopted a political expression 'чтобы сделать Макрона'. Roughly translated, 'to do a Macron,' where it is used to describe a situation where someone continually calls a person on the telephone for no particular reason. ?


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Macron ?

Long before the war broke out in Ukraine, the British press were calling him poundland-putin with respect to the way he behaves to the French and other countries.

Scary bloke. And we have him for another 5 years. 




Then he 

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