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A French journalist tells Macron to shut up.

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"But now my President’s continued equivocation is unforgivable.

Macron should shut up.

Just add up his latest statements. No EU membership for Ukraine for decades. No NATO membership for Kyiv either. Repeated warnings not to humiliate Russia. All this plays in the hands of Putin and no-one else. Recall that back in 2019, Macron was waxing rhapsodic on Russia as “a true European nation, heir to the Enlightenment” – a notion that applied in its time to Turgenev and Chekhov, not to Vladimir today.

Look at Macron’s latest project, the “multi-tier EU” (or EU-lite) for those European countries that France and Germany disapprove of. That thing doesn’t exist, isn’t financed, has no known shape and hasn’t been agreed by anyone except a Macron-called “Conference for the Future of Europe” in which citizens drawn by lots were invited to provide “unmediated” public opinion, which somehow would be truer.

Macron’s entire education, like that of most French elites, has taught him to respect strength and power, not courage. It’s the ethos of the civil service that shaped him, and it’s simple defeatism"

Anne-Elizabeth Moutet


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