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Phishing e-mail from Credit Mutuel


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I received an e-mail from Credit Mutuel asking me to fill in a form with my details to re-activate my card. Unfortunately I don't have an account with them. Sounds Phishy!

Other readers might want to watch out:

Crédit Mutuel

En raison de l'accès non autorisé possible, nous avons

temporairement désactivé votre compte.

Pour lever la

suspension, s'il vous plaît confirmer que votre

carte n'a pas

été volés.

Pour ce faire, s'il vous plaît télécharger et remplir le

formulaire ci-joint html.

Nous sommes désolés pour la gêne

occasionnée, mais votre sécurité

est notre

top priorité.


Service à la clientèle

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The spelling alone would flag it as a phishing attempt (I know it's easier when you know French grammar [:)])

I think I have received similar emails pretending to be from just about every high-street bank in France and in the UK, except those I actually bank with!

The usual advice, for those who have any doubt, is to never, ever click on any link in the message, but to contact the bank in question, using either your own bookmark if you have one, or by calling their tel number

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Just to add to Clair's advice, if you receive an email like that which doesn't address you by name, eg it says "dear client" or some such vague salutation, or nothing at all, then it's likely to be a fraud. If you were a customer they would surely know your name!

Most banks state quite clearly on their websites that they will never ask you to disclose key information like passwords.

These scammers only have to get a hit with one in a thousand and they will still make money!!

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Seems every big name in France that deals with customers is sending out bogus mails. Just ignore every one received, don't even open it because if it is important you will receive a written letter as proof of contact.
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