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What the Presidential candidates are worth

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Don't confuse the situation at Calais with the specific history of M.Ménard.


Au moment de la crise migratoire en Europe en 2015, le maire de Béziers avait estimé que sa commune « n’avait pas les moyens d’accueillir de nouvelles personnes, surtout si elles ont vocation à rester par la suite, puisque l’État ne fait pas appliquer la loi en reconduisant à la frontière ceux qui doivent l’être ».

Then he went into a flat where some Syriens were staying, also fleeing a war as are the Ukrainians at present, and told them that as Maire of the town he was saying that  they weren't welcome.

He also had fake posters put up around town showing them as a menace:





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He has to back-track because the extreme right candidates he supports (il a parrainé MLP, but as a fellow journalist he is also very close to Zemmour) are both in difficulty over Russia, she because her campaign has had  a big loan from a Russian Bank in the past and this year from Hungary   https://www.lemonde.fr/election-presidentielle-2022/article/2022/02/02/marine-le-pen-a-obtenu-un-pret-de-10-6-millions-d-euros-d-une-banque-hongroise-pour-la-campagne-presidentielle_6112009_6059010.html;

and Zemmour who has been supportive of Russia and even said that he was sure Russia wouldn't invade Ukraine which doesn't show very  good judgement for a Presidential candidate


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