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Hi, my partner and I are hoping to make the move to France in the very near future. Thanks to Brexit it is a much more complicated process.

On the long stay visa application it asks for your address in France (hotel, rental agreement etc). Does this have to be for the whole of the year? Until we find somewhere to buy? Or can it be our initial place of residence - chambre d’hote for example - for the first week?

Many thanks, Gill

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They need an address where they can find you.

You will have certain formalities to complete once you arrive in France and you will need to keep the authorities informed of changes of address. So that might mean a bit of a hassle factor especially if you move from one administrative district to another and your dossier has to be transferred, but possibly it can all be done online these days, I don't know. Apart from that there is nothing to stop you moving as often as you like, just so long as you tell them. We Brits don't have freedom of movement any more, we are immigrants now and as such we have tabs kept on us.

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