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France is such a happy country..

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15 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:

And here we go again.

Glad I did not book a romantic weekend in Paris for Valentines day.

What do tourists think of Paris ?.

The city of Love ?

Any violent protests in the UK today ?




You have to think of it as an adventure! Just where else can you go for a wonderful terraced meal, excellent wine and view of the Eiffel Tower and get gassed? I wonder how many of those evacuating the smoke filled restaurants paid their bill by the way!!!!!

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We have had it in Nantes, out for a walk in the city centre on a Saturday afternoon, then fleeing the clouds of gas shot at people causing mayhem in the name of liberty (and achieving the opposite for all the commercants).  On the plus side it revealed the nicer side of some people, the security guards in the supermarket offering water to wash the gas out of our eyes and barricading the doors to stop the rabid (peaceful) protesters kicking the doors in to make their point.

As Ken said its an adventure!

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The thing is, Macron created these types that are protesting in France. That is the ironical thing. 

The anti vax liberty types I mean. The ones that want to pîss off Macron because Macron said he wanted to pîss off them. Childish games going on. 

But remember, Macron said that the AZ vaccine was 'quasi ineffective'. He did say that. You can watch it on you tube. Over and over again.

So why would you have a vaccine that is 'quasi ineffective' ? Why would you inject yourself with something that may or may not work ? It is a fair point. 

He created a bit of fake news because he hates Brexit. 

And there you go. One silly comment by a man so hated in France as he is elsewhere in the world creates myhem in France.....again. And we have to pay for the policing and the clean up.

I notice that an American professor the other day said that Mr Macron's comments may have caused thousands of deaths.

Don't blame the anti vax types. I would leave them alone. 




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